In In 1889 John W. Philpott started The Philpott Rubber Company. In 2014, the company – now Philpott Rubber & Plastics – celebrated their one hundred and twenty five year anniversary.

As a tribute to their rich history, Philpott Rubber & Plastics commissioned me to paint all six presidents that ran the company over the course of those one hundred and twenty five years.

Many of the portraits were done posthumously. Most of the photographs were in black and white. And all of the information I gleaned from the company about their rich history and these great men was inspiring. Something that started as one man’s entrepreneurial spirit providing for his family has grown into the supplier of choice for a niche market as they bring job stability and goods to the market.

What a joy it is to celebrate great men that often go unnoticed. What a joy it is to celebrate small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. Working with the current employees at Philpott Rubber & Plastics was a joy in and of itself. I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience of getting an inside peak at a 125 year old family a business can create when it takes care of its employees and clients.

In The News:

The Medina Gazette: Brushing up: Medina Township teen creates portraits ahead of yearlong apprenticeship

Medina Township Newsletter (pg. 3)

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