I had the honor of painting Medina state Rep. William G. Batchelder III.

Mr. Batchelder’s presence brightens up the room. He is full of life, excitement, joy, and passion. This vivacious disposition, however, is coupled with a sincere humility that turns the attention away from Mr. Batchelder himself.

I believe that every person has profound meaning and purpose on this earth. Each portrait I paint is a celebration the person and the work of their hands. Much of Mr. Batchelder’s life has been devoted to Ohio government. His commitment and sacrifice for the welfare of his fellow neighbor is a quiet loyalty. It’s close to home. And it doesn’t make him famous.

But it’s amazing to me to see how each individual has been equipped to take on the task set before them, and Mr. Batchelder is no exception.

He was the first person I campaigned for (at age 11). And since then, I have known him to be an engaged visionary; He is profoundly serious and yet profoundly lighthearted and joyful at the same time. He seems to be someone who looks at adversity and challenges with a smile on his face. When you’re around him, it’s hard to not feel like you can do the same. A true leader by example, Mr. Batchelder should be celebrated.


In the News 2018 : Artist paints tribute to former speaker of Ohio House speaker Batchelder

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