“When I first set eyes on the portrait Sarah drew of my son, I wept. My tears were not just because of the sheer perfection of my son’s likeness reflected back to me in this piece of art, nor the way Sarah captured my child’s sweet yet silly personality in the portrait, but it was also because I could feel the love and joy Sarah transferred onto the page as she created the image. No doubt Sarah possesses a unique talent in her artwork. Her portraits are one-of-a- kind creations that anyone would be proud to display for all to see. Perhaps more impressive, however, is her ability to capture a feeling and convey her love in each stroke of her pencil. The emotion she puts into her work pours out of the frame, making it a truly wonderful experience to view her work. This portrait of my son is one of my most meaningful possessions. Our entire family will cherish it for a lifetime, and not only will it draw me closer to my child, but it will remind me of my wonderful, generous, and talented cousin who created it for us. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

-Rachel Goldsmith, PhD., Mother

Pastels are a joy to utilize for a kids portrait. the dry color pigments create a depth through a layering effect. The portrait seems to “breathe” in this medium, which emphasizes the ever-moving spirit and energy of a kid.

Commission a Pastel Portrait