I had the pleasure of working from life from start to finish with this portrait. Andrew tirelessly came and sat for the painting.Creating Andrew Sherwood’s painting was as unique as Andrew himself. Andrew is one of the few people I know who thinks before he speaks. This means he is probably the first in the room with a quippy statement. But it also means that the whole room will become quiet when he begins to speak. Everyone is interested in hearing what he has to say. And few are upset that they waited.

We had our fair share of tea breaks – sometimes outside, if the weather permitted. And it did not take long for him and our studio dog, Peanut, to hit it off.

The progression shots of this portrait are quite enlightening. I always shutter looking back at them, but I am reminded that each stage is a time to develop a specific quality that will only be fully realized with the end product. Vibrant colors to start, strong geometry to construct, and then a continuous ebb and flow between soft transitions and strong statements create the final product – all infused with the searching and understanding of the spirit of the person himself.

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