Sarah Griffith is trained in the Classicism and Impressionistic traditions.

Her primary focus is commissioned-based portraiture. Her fundamental vision is to paint portraits that speak truth: an intimate truth discovered in the colorful illustration of an individual’s spirit and a universal truth exposed within the masterfully detailed depiction of humanity and life. In such a rendering, Sarah’s portraits seek to capture both the intimate and the collective, both the private and the public.

Sarah is currently living in La Mirada, California.


Artist Statement

"Life is beautiful. Art seeks to capture and celebrate such truth about life, for it is all around us – it is the good in our lives. We all partake in and create beauty in our own way – Beauty is in the still and quiet morning; It is in the sun kissed and freckled face of childhood; It is in the warmth of community and it is in the progress of innovation.

Art has the ability to take all facets of our lives and it attempts to capture, to remind us of the reasons why we do what we do – for family, for love, for life itself. Art attempts to capture what we feel in what we see.

A passion for art is a passion for life itself. Art celebrates this lovely and gritty existence. It revels in the glory of the lilies of the field while not diminishing the reality of our pains and struggles. It calls us to think and question. It calls us to truly live.

To be an artist is to attempt to celebrate beauty and goodness by sharing that truth with those around us.

Every human soul must be reminded that a beauty - a good, a meaning, a purpose - that permeates all facets of our lives, be it parenthood, commerce, research and development, construction, medicine, academia, agriculture... Only when we cherish the good are we reinvigorated to fully live. For it is in true beauty and goodness that we see the light and experience the love of God.

I, as a portrait artist, want to share and celebrate the true beauty and goodness which is imprinted on all of us as humans. We are each uniquely designed and made for a purpose, with invaluable worth. Portraits speak truth, intimately by the revealing of an individual’s spirit, and universally by the celebration of one’s life. My aim is to harness my training in the art of portraiture in order to better be equipped to display the intimate and universal beauty in every person I paint."

-S. Griffith


The Early Years

“If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother, and begin life in Ohio - Wilbur Wright

Born and bred in the Mid-West, Sarah grew up in a home where it was the responsibility of a human soul to live an examined life - to understand the “why” and “how” of everything. This veracious curiosity for life (one might call it “a love of learning”) has fueled Sarah’s unique abilities and desires. Curiosity and wonder have been the constants in Sarah’s life.

Fostering her unique abilities and desires throughout childhood, Sarah’s passion and curiosity for life was directed towards art.




Rather than entering a traditional art program, Sarah studied fine art under Master Artists. Her principal mentors were Cedric and Joanette Egeli. Under her full-time, four-year apprenticeship with Joanette and Cedric Egeli, Sarah was trained in the classical tradition with a harmonious blend of impressionistic color.  

Her countless other influences and teachers - Timothy Chambers, Rick Casali,  John Clayton, John Ebersberger, and Margret McWethy -  have mentored and shaped the way that Sarah approaches the discipline of art.

The training of an artist is an on-going process. It never stops. Partly because capturing life - in all of its fullness - is no small task, and partly because there is always more to learn!